DiMaggio may have hit one past this wallet

There’s something incredibly nostalgic about a vintage baseball glove. A glove from the 1930s and 1940s looks fairly similar to what we use today, except for the fact fielders’ gloves were yet to feature lacing between the fingers. One thing that’s remained the same is the rich leather used to make the gloves.

That leather inspired Coach when they started out back in 1941, initially specializing in small leather goods like wallets and billfolds. As a nod to that past, Coach has released the Heritage Baseball Billfold Wallet as part of their Baseball Collection.

The limited edition wallets are handcrafted with leather from vintage baseball gloves. Each wallet is numbered and totally unique, typically requiring the leather from 1 1/2 gloves and two to three days to create. Initially, the gloves for the wallets were found on eBay, before Coach found a dealer in the Midwest.

Establish your link with the game’s past by taking a look at the full collection Baseball Collection, available now online at coach.com and select Coach Men’s stores.

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